about us

At Willow-solutions, we are a team of experts dedicated to helping you reach new heights in your field. Our specialties include project and team management, innovative thinking, and product creation. We are well-versed in prototyping, control systems development, and integrating cutting-edge algorithms such as artificial intelligence. With our advanced analytics, we can provide insights to help you better understand your customers and develop new products that stand out in the market. Additionally, we have extensive experience in safeguarding intellectual property on an international level.

Our Services

At our company, we do not merely provide generic consulting and training services. Instead, we offer tailored solutions and accompany you through the implementation process. Our team is made up of highly skilled senior engineers who can provide direct project support and even take on management responsibilities.


We offer expertise and an innovative approach to the design of industrial control algorithms for a wide range of platforms (from embedded platforms to PLCs to cloud-based control systems). We are passionate about optimization tasks to save fuel and emissions.


We have operational and development experience in the aerospace domain including air traffic control, datalink communications, airline operations and aircraft performance.


We have experience in leading and managing not only development teams and we are able to help with their growth and development. We are happy to help with setting the right project culture, program and portfolio management. Exploring new concepts and the process of introducing new products is also our domain.






DIVELIT is a company providing professional services in the field of electronics and software development.  The company handles product development from embedded device design, through its certification, technical documentation to software application development to have the entire development under one roof.


BM COM is a global ICT company specialising in providing top-quality services in device management, IoT & Industry 4.0, and SAP. The company partners with some of the world’s most successful companies, such as PTC and Axiros as a Value-Added Reseller and System Integrator.


ClimaCare is a non-profit organization that offers supportive web and mobile applications to improve the environment.

In collaboration with the organization, we developed a mobile app that helps people discover how their daily activities impact the environment.


iBross is a company specialized on the development and supply of ATC solutions.  The full range of products includes ATC/ATM products (surveillance displays, on-glass electronics flight strips, airspace management and civil-military coordination at all levels), ATC consoles , ATC towers, Modular ATC towers, Prefabricated ATC tower and constructions.


ARTISYS supplies a family of both operational and training ATC/ATM systems, based on nearly three decades of aviation experience in air traffic and airport operations.

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